Fortune Plants 50% off promo

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  • According to Feng Shui masters, wherever bamboo is placed, good fortune is sure to follow: the traditional symbol of happiness, wealth and health in Asian cultures!
  • Very easy to take care of. Just water once a day and you’re done!
  • Great addition a verdant note to the drab, musty room.
  • Perfect for wedding souvenir, birthday gift, memories of Baptism, Christmas give away…
  • Great pick up location at Banawe, Quezon City
  • Buy as many as you want!

Everybody’s got a green thumb! Get the ideal indoor plant with this leafy CashCashPinoy deal! You can choose from P100, P249 or P800 Splendid Fortune Plants set arrangements! That’s up to 56% OFF for Good Luck to your home, office, and all the places you like!

Fortune Plants is under the family of bamboo plants and is believed to bring good luck to the home or office. As the plant grows, it will sprout new stems of leaves which will unfold into a five leaf stem. The 5 leaves on each branch symbolize the 5 fundamental Feng Shui elements: metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

To care for it, the shoot need not be planted on soil but thrives in its own container. Just put it where it can get artificial light because direct sunlight will harm it. Daily watering is enough and it will live to give you a refreshing spot for your weary eyes. Fortune Plant is ideal for condo dwellers, office spaces or anyone who’d want to bring live greenery to this urban jungle.

Be lucky, live and lush with Fortune Plants. Do away with spades and pots with this CashCashPinoy deal.

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