Bambi Fuentes Salon Celebrity Hair Styles up to 64% off

Choose from two amazing haircut packages from celebrity hair stylist Bambbi Fuentes’ salon: P1499 for a haircut, hair color and cellophane; or P500 for a haircut and hair spa!


  • Choose from two amazing haircut packages! Either way, you’re bound to look and feel like a star afterwards.
  • Overseen by celebrity hair stylist Bambbi Fuentes!
  • Professional, skilled and talented hair cutters and stylists!
  • Hair spa cleans, moisturizes and gives your hair volume and glow!
  • Available in 4 branches: Timog, Paranaque, Visayas Avenue and Pampanga!
  • Get as many vouchers as you want!

Ask yourself: When was the last time you were treated like a star? If you can’t remember, then you’re in a hair-raising situation. Thankfully, CashCashPinoy has the remedy for that: Haircut packages from Bambbi Fuentes Salon! You have two packages to choose from depending on how stellar you want it to be:

Package 1: P1499 for a haircut, hair color and cellophane! (Up to 64% off!)
Package 2: P500 for a haircut and hair spa! (50% off!)

If the name rings some bells, it’s probably because Bambbi Fuentes is a celebrity stylist who has worked on the likes of Gelli and Janice de Belen, Aiko Melendez, Lolit Solis, and Kris Aquino, among many glittering celebrities. Now he’s brought his star-making hair expertise into his own brand of salons that is more than ready conquer Manila – one strand at a time!

For those who want to really express their individuality to the world, Package 1 (haircut, hair color and cellophane) offers some more than one way to make you truly stand out from the crowd. Seeing as applying hair color and cellophane requires a lot of care and precision, you’ll be glad to know that onlyexpert hands who are all properly trained are there to handle your hairy needs!

If you want to keep your hair gorgeous and your head clean, then Package B is the right one for you!Hair spa will leave your hair smooth and clean – devoid of all unwelcome impurities, preventing dandruff and other follicle follies from preventing. This package will leave your head light and peaceful at the same time – pretty much how a regular spa works!

After the end of your session, feel free to write autographs and flaunt your new look in front of the mirror. After all, you’re the star! An even bigger star if you manage to snag these deals from CashCashPinoy now!

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