Samurai Sword Umbrella 61% off

The coolest umbrella design with an almost 1:1 replica of a katana for only P550! FREE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY!


  • Cool and functional katana-looking umbrella!
  • Upper handle resembles an actual katana handle!
  • Umbrella sheet and strap resembles actual katana scabbard!
  • Durable and sturdy umbrella protects against intense sunlight, rain, and even winds!
  • About the same length as a standard golf club (45 inches).

Every now and then here at CashCashPinoy HQ, some really buzz-worthy items drop in our laps that we just couldn’t wait to share with you all! Case in point is this whimsical but superbly functional Samurai Sword (Katana) Umbrella, yours for only P550 – a whopping 61% sliced off the original price! Admit it: You want one as early as now and we can’t blame you if you’ve already clicked the Buy Now button before you even reached the bottom of this page!

Folded, this umbrella looks just like an actual Samurai Sword strapped to your back! Yes, the umbrella does come with a strap atatched to its holding sheet much like a katana’s scabbard! So it’s easy to bring around and show off just for the bragging rights!

Once you pop it open to ward off sunlight or protect yourself from the rain, then you’ll find it is a pretty capable umbrella that won’t even buckle and break easily under threat from heavy winds! It’s like it’s taken it’s likeness to a Samurai’s greatest weapon to heart!

In terms of dimensions, the overall length of it is 45 inches, which is about the same length as a golf club, which makes it almost a 1:1 scale replica of an actual sword! Having said that, there really isn’t much left to say about this umbrella, except that it looks really cool! So if you’re one of the few who actually reached this part without getting it yet, you better hurry now because everyone else would be wanting a piece of this umbrella samurai action that you can only find here at CashCashPinoy!

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